Our workshop is engaged in the repair and maintenance of a variety of medical equipment, as well as the development of electronic equipment.

Our main profile is the repair and maintenance of medical surgical and cosmetic lasers from Dornier MedTech (Germany), MBB Medizintechnik, and lasers from some other companies. Also, we repair Dornier MedTech lithotripters (Germany)

Also, we repair lung ventilators and anesthesia machines of Chirana Medical, resuscitation monitors, fetal monitors (cardiotocographs, CTG), electrosurgical units (electrocoagulators, diathermocoagulators, ECHF), endoscopic equipment (light sources, video cameras) including instruments.

We have an experience in the repair of ultrasound devices (including probes), dopplers, laboratory equipment, cardiographs from various manufacturers, as well as therapeutic equipment.

We have equipment and technological developments in the repair of ultrasonic sensors of ultrasound devices, fetal monitors (cardiotocographs) and Doppler equipment (blind Dopplers).

We are the only service center in Ukraine for the repair of ENT equipment Mega Medical, for which we have a wide range of original components (spare parts).

We are the only service center in Ukraine lung ventilators and anesthesia machines of Chirana Medical.

This is not a complete list of medical equipment, repair and maintenance of which are carried out by our specialists. High quality and short repair terms are the result of many years of experience, original author's methods and the provided stock of components in specialized areas.

Our workshop is located in Odessa, UKRAINE, but we accept medical equipment from all over UKRAINE. You can send a faulty device, by any mail service.

Also, our specialists are ready for business trips to diagnose and repair large-sized medical equipment.

Our engineering staff is ready to advise you over the phone.

We have free diagnostics of medical equipment. In the process of diagnostics, we determine the terms and cost of repairing medical equipment.

We work with both private and public organizations.

Another area is the development of electronic devices, some of which allow us to more effectively apply our developments in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of medical equipment. The diagnostic tools developed by us, such as the equivalent series resistance (ESR) meter of electrolytic capacitors, the cardiac signal generator (cardiac simulator), the device for checking medical video cameras, the power meter of electrosurgical units, etc., are successfully used in the repair of electronic devices and medical equipment.