Repair, service, preventive maintenance of medical equipment:

  • Lasers - repair of neodymium lasers Nd:YAG Dornier Medilas 4060, 4100, 5060, 5100, 8100 fibertom, MBB Medizintechnic 4060, 4100, fibertom, holmium Ho:YAG Medilas H20, erbium Er:YAG, diode LiteBeam, MultiBeam, SkinPulse, UroBeam, CO2 Lancet LST20/01, Mattioli in Ukraine. We check and calibrate laser power, adjust optics
  • Surgery - repair of electrosurgical units ( diathermocoagulators, diathermy, electrocoagulators, electroscalpel ) Sometech Dr Opel ST-501, Ellman Surgitron, Surgitron DF 120, Valleylab, Martin, Erbe Erbotom, Karl Storz Autocon, Electrotom, Union Medical UM-D3000, COBI 203, Aesculap GN 300, BOWA ARC350, BOWA ARC400, Ethicon Pegasys, Shrek SY-PRO-ESU400, PRO-ESU400, Eschmann TDB60, TD411, TD830, TD850, Svarmed EK-300M, Ekont-0201, EHVCH-20, EHVCH-30, EHVCH-50, EHVCH-80, Nadiya-2, Nadiya-4 (EHVCH-50RX, EHVCH-120, EHVCH-120РХ, EHVCH-200, EHVCH-200RX, EHVCH-300, EHVCH-300РК, EHVCH-350), their footswitches, etc. We repair electrocoagulators made in China, such as Ahanvos HV-300, HV-400, Promise - PRO-ESU100, PRO-ESU150, PRO-ESU300, PRO-ESU400 and SHREK SY-PRO-ESU100, SY-PRO-ESU150, SY-PRO-ESU300, SY-PRO-ESU400, SY-HV-300, SY-HV-400. We also repair cosmetic epilators - coagulators Biomak EP300, EP400, EP101, EP102, EP200, endoscopic light sources Stryker X8000, Karl Storz, Olimpus, Mega Medical, Ikeda, LinkView 1080
  • Obstetrics - produce repair of fetal monitors (cardiotocographs) (Bistos BT-300, BT-330, BT-350, Cadence, Bionet FC-700, FC-1400, BioSYS IFM-500, BFM-800, Bionics BFM-900, Heako L8, G6B, Huntleigh Healthcare BD-4000, Sonicaid Team, Trishmed FM8007, Biomed BF500Е, Comen Star 5000E, GE Coromertics 171, 172, 173, 259, Philips Avalon FM20, FM30 and their sensors)
  • Urology - we repair extracorporeal lithotripters Dornier Compact Alfa, Sigma, Delta
  • Diagnostics - ultrasound repair, including sensors, sensors of high-frequency ultrasound devices of the skin DUB-USB, "blind" dopplers (blood flow velocity analyzers) (Sonomed, Atys Basic TCD Waki и др.), cardiographs, x-ray units based on the C-arm Technix TCA5, TCA6, mammographs Metaltronica Flat-III, Flat-CE, monitors of daily observation, Holter (blood pressure and ECG), electrocardiographs, echo-ophthalmoscopes, echoencephaloscopes
  • Resuscitation and anesthesia - repair of ward resuscitation and intensive care patient monitors (Bistos BT-710, BT-720, BT-740, BT-750, BT-770, Schiller AT-7, Innomed InnoCare IM-200, General Electric GE Dash 3000, Dash 4000, Dash 5000, Mindray, Siemens, Bionics (BPM-700, BPM-730, Guardian), BioSYS, Utas, etc.), selection of ECG cables, oxygen saturation sensors SpO2 and temperature sensors, defibrillators Primedic Defi-Monitor DM-3, Defi-B, Metrax M240, CardioAid CA-200, lungs ventilators (Chirana Elvent, Chirana Aura, Chirolog SV alfa), anesthesia machines (Chirana Anemat N8, Venar Libera, Venar Harmonia, Venar Maxima, Venar Supra, FA-8), syringe infusion pumps Ascor AP12, AP22, Burr-Braun Perfusor, Injectomat, etc.
  • ENT units MEGA Medical - repair of ENT combines NET-1100 and NET-600, video systems NET-260 and NET-280, therapeutical units NET-1200 and NET-1700. We repair video camera heads MEGA MA-22, f=17, f=22.
  • Therapy - high-tone repair (GBO HiToP-184), electrotherapy (GBO Sonodynator, Stereodynator, Neuroton), shock wave therapy (OrthoWave 280)
  • Endoscopy - repair of light sources, including the replacement of lamps, video cameras, monitors, aspirators, irrigators, diathermocoagulators, electrocoagulators, diathermy, etc.
  • Cosmetology - repair epilators Biomak EP300, EP400, EP101, EP102, EP200, Aplius Junior 3G, Aplius Excel Pur, Aplius Senior 3G, Aplius Excel Pro, Alvi T-18, Silver Fox, Hydraderm Guinot, etc.
  • Repair (repacking with new cells) of batteries used in medical equipment (for defibrillators, electrocardiographs, resuscitation and patient monitors, syringe pumps, lungs ventilators and anesthesia machines, etc.)
  • We accept non-working medical equipment for the spare parts
  • Repair and modification of medical devices received under humanitarian aid, imported used medical equipment (checking the technical condition, performance, repair, reprocessing to work from 220 volts, restoring performance after a fall or impact, etc.)

Our workshop is located in Odessa, UKRAINE. If you are in another country or city of Ukraine, you can send the device by any postal service, for example, New mail. We have free diagnostics of medical equipment