We develop and support small-scale production of electronic devices and assemblies according to customer specifications. We have experience in creating test tools for medical equipment, technical processes of production lines, specialized battery-powered measuring and control tools.

- development of an electrical circuit diagram of electronic devices and their components (except for high-frequency, mobile communications, automotive, military and aerospace purposes, computer expansion cards);

- creation of firmware (Atmel controllers);

- development of printed circuit boards;

- layout and thermal calculations in particular for small-sized portable devices;

- assembly and testing of prototypes;

- fine-tuning and maintenance of finished samples;

- reverse engineering services (using samples, drawing an electrical circuit diagram, documenting operating algorithms and developing devices similar to the one provided).

Open current projects - probe - ESR indicator, cardiac signal generator, small-sized device for checking Mega Medical endoscopic video cameras, pulse spot welding machine, laboratory voltage source 1-25 kV

1. The probe is an ESR indicator (equivalent series resistance, equivalent series resistance) with a logarithmic indication.

2. Portable cardiac signal generator (cardiac simulator) for testing electrocardiographs.

3. Small-sized device for checking Mega Medical endoscopic video cameras.

4. A pulsed spot welding machine with a wide energy range, used for repacking batteries and for repairing endoscopic instruments.

5. Universal multi-channel load for repair and testing of power supplies.

6. Laboratory voltage source 1 - 25 kV, 1 mA.

7. Output power meter for electrocoagulators (ECHF)

8. Device for testing SpO2 sensors (blood oxygen saturation).