Features of setting the date on CTG monitors Bistos BT-350 LED
Setting the date and time in the menu of cardiotocographs

Setting the date on Bistos BT-350 LED cardiotocographs manufactured before 2016 has its own characteristics. So in 2016, these devices began to print the year 2010 on the tape. If we set the year 2016 in the menu, the same 2010 remains on the printout! The error persists when installing any year from 2016, while the month, day and time are kept correct. This is due to an error in the CTG program of Bistos BT-350LED monitors, which, however, can be easily overcome as follows. It is noticed that when writing to the memory of the year starting from 2016, the monitors take 6 years, so the year 2010 is obtained. If we set the menu to 2022, then 2016 will be in memory, which will be displayed on the tape. When the year 2021 comes, therefore, it will be necessary to set the year 2027, 2022 - set the year 2028, and so on. during the transition, for example, from winter to summer and vice versa. We go to the date / time setting menu, we will see the current, correct year, remember that when saving it, it will decrease by 6 years, so we will write it right there, for example, instead of 2022, 2028, and then the correct time.

Setting the date and time on CTG monitors Bistos BT-350 LED

  1. Press the "Menu" button.
  2. By turning the knob, we achieve the appearance of the symbols "rtc" on the left indicator and press the knob from above. We entered the date and time setting mode of the Bistos BT-350 LED cardiotocograph.
  3. Turn the knob to select in order: year - month - day - hour - minutes - seconds - "rtc".
  4. Pressing the knob selects the parameter to be adjusted, turning the knob changes the value of the selected parameter, pressing the knob fixes the changed parameter.
  5. To save all the changes in memory, after everything has been adjusted, we reach "rtc" and press the "Menu" button.

Setting the date and time on CTG monitors Bionet FC-700

  1. Press the "Alarm" button for more than 2 seconds. Thus, we get into the Setup menu (settings).
  2. Use the "Reference" button to choose what to change.
  3. Use the "Volume Up / Down" buttons to change.
  4. When all the changes are made, to save in memory, press "Record". CTG Bionet FC-700 at the same time returns to its original, working condition.